Surgery does not change dramatically, but only strictly applying the standard implantology protocols (distance between implants, bone surrounding implants, bone quality for immediate load, soft tissues…).

We add to the standard protocol the use of different substances to improve healing and long-term predictability;

  • Ozone as antimicrobial
  • A-PRF for faster healing and to reduce pain, bleeding and inflammatory reaction as well as to reduce the use of antibiotics.
  • Dentine (Smart Dentine Grinder®) and autologous bone as graft materials. This will increase short and long-term stability and will reduce inflammatory reaction to heterologous and synthetic graft material
  • Autologous bone for grafting rather than heterologous materials.

The impression system designed by ArtOn Systems makes this step so much easier and reliable. A standard close trey impression is taken thanks to our designs. No need for individual open trey, or to splint transfers. Of course you need the proper impression material, such as Impregum®.

We designed specific transfers, impressions caps and healing caps. All of it to achieve a fast, easy and reliable impression system.