How long does it take to finish the prosthesis? Why is it better than the rest? Materials you use and why (don’t get to long and focus). Explain the possibility of removing one tooth without changing the prosthesis. Refer everything on money, but without saying the word money. Its means with this prosthesis the doctor reduces the possibility of replace the prosthesis if something goes wrong and that is cheaper…

The working time to produce an ArtOn 4® is between 8 and 10 hours. So it is possible for doctors to have the new prosthesis at their clinic within 12 hours post-surgery, and the patient to have his new prosthesis within 24 hours post-surgery. This is a significant advantage over other systems, as what is produced is a NON-PROVISIONAL prosthesis.

The ArtOn 4® is made of an internal titanium framework, specifically designed to distribute the sewing forces along the whole structure as well as to maximize implants stability, and to be flexible enough to adapt to maxillary and mandibular movements.

The body of the ArtOn 4® is made of new generation composites that confers many advantages due to its 68% of ceramic in its composition:

  • Flexible, to adapt to the natural movements of the maxillary and mandibular bones, as well to reduce fractures of the material.
  • Aesthetic, the composite used is highly polishable making the surface smooth and shiny.
  • Hygienic, the smooth surface and the composition of the composite makes really hard for the plaque to adhere.

The teeth used are last generation PMMA, with 5 layers and 12% of ceramics that confers them great aesthetic along with similar hardness to natural teeth.

All these allows the technicians to make an ArtOn 4® really close to natural teeth not only esthetically, but also in hardness, flexibility, reduced volume, and weight (8 to 15 grams per arch).

Due to the production method of type-ArtOn 4® is possible, unforeseen repair or correction of the base (implant loss) is simple, fast and inexpensive to carry out, without thereby making a completely new structure / bridge Laboratory side.

The bridge repair of composites can be performed safely and effectively in the dental office.