Thanks to post-surgery titanium framework, all the implants placed are fixed together and work as a real unit. This results on minimal micro-movement, which grateful helps implants osseo-integration and increases predictability.

Due to new and better material such as improved PMMA teeth and composites, the aesthetics and hardness achieved is similar to natural teeth. This makes the ArtOn 4® not only an immediate load prosthesis but also a definitive one. It can be easily rebased, fixed, changed, polished…over time, so when teeth should be changed because of the effect of attrition, it can easily be done.

Attrition occurs naturally on natural teeth, but not on ceramics. This is why full mouth rehabilitations on ceramics are not recommended, and either arch must be on acrylic.

When ceramics break (chipping), and sooner or later it occurs, the full bridge must be made new as it cannot be reliably fixed.

Attrition has an effect not only on the teeth but also on the TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint). If the prosthesis is on ceramics, the effect on the TMJ and on the implants is higher, and so is the risk of peri-implantitis, resulting on implants loss and TMJ pain and dysfunction.

With ArtOn 4®, all these problems are solved out; it can be easily and securely fixed, the attrition effect on it is similar to the one on natural teeth, protecting the implants from overload and consequently peri-implantitis and most important protecting the TMJ from dysfunction.

At anytime an implant fails, you will be able to replace it and adapt the ArtOn 4® to the new situation in few hours using the same titanium framework, same teeth and aesthetic. But you could also change these if needed. And of course implants do fail on ArtOn 4®, this is medicine and there are many things to be controlled: Occlusion, discussion movements, amount and quality of bone around implants, biological sealing…

From patient´s point of view, the cost is reduced as only one prosthesis is made, rebased, fixed… It is aesthetic, comfortable and natural from day one, and not thick, rough and ugly for the healing time and too hard and expensive after healing time.