Advanced Immediate Load

So called Dentist Boot Camp, this course is only for experienced implant dentists and is mainly treatment driven on live patients. It includes extraction, socket grafting, occasionally sinus elevations, immediate placement of implants and finally delivering a fixed prosthesis. Here you can check the programme:

  • Rational for immediate load
  • Diagnosis & Rx planning
  • Surgical technique
  • Prosthodontics technique
  • Live patient surgery


2 – 3 days / £3000

Includes: accommodation, food & reasonable drinks, tuition & hands-on surgery

The cost of the implants and lab components is excluded. It’s recommended that delegates provide their own patients for whom they can raise their own fee. Patients can be provided if need be.


  • Loading types, types of prostheses
  • Evolution of immediate loading
  • Properties of each prosthesis, choice of loading type and prosthesis for every situation


  • Diagnosis, planning and case prognosis
  • Open surgery, transmucosal surgery
  • Guided tissue regeneration at immediate loading


  • Impressions, aesthetic, facial analysis
  • Articulator
  • Making of ArtOn 4®
  • Repairs

Positioning and control

  • Placement
  • Occlusion control: short/ medium/long-term
  • Night guard/splint
  • Troubleshooting


  • Live surgery (2x ArtOn 4® cases)

ArtOn 4® Definitive Immediate Loading

By ArtOn Systems

Endodontics Vs Implants


  • Endodontic therapy vs Extraction & Implant replacement
  • Contraindications of implant therapy & endodontic therapy
  • Indications for endodontic therapy pre-implant therapy
  • Cost-Benefits