The solution to replace the full arch with 4,6, 8 implants with a fixed immediate load prosthesis in less than 24h


We place 4, 6 or 8 implants. A definitive and fixed prosthesis is made in our dental laboratories in 12 hours*. This is the more durable and more naturally looking fixed immediate loading prosthesis solution, which not only restores the aesthetic, but also the chewing function preserving taste and speech better than any other prosthetic. After 6 months occlusion is readjusted to achieve a complete and natural chewing function. At this point it is possible to modify any aspect of it but maintaining the internal titanium structure.

We splint implants through the final titanium structure in less than 24 hours post-surgery, to achieve that all implants work as a single unit. This structure minimizes the risk of fracture and allows a homogeneous distribution of the forces exerted on the implants. This improves osseo-integration, as well as durability and stability.


This prosthesis is screwed in place without removal during approximately 4-7 months, afterwards the occlusion is readjusted. At this point it is possible to modify aesthetics, if necessary.

The patient can eat properly from the very moment in which the prosthesis is placed in. Forget about soups! Chew safely and confidently from day one!

The use of composite and PMMA teeth reduces masticatory loads on the implants, bone and temporo-mandibular joint, as compared to ceramic systems and without losing any aesthetic. Patients must come for annual check over to unscrew the prosthesis, clean it and polish it. Surgeon will check over the implants.

Full and natural occlusion and movements. Reduced volume. Natural strength and attrition.