We use the most suitable prosthetic materials for the masticatory system, achieving a natural behavior of adjacent tissues and therefore an excellent aesthetics. All this related to adjusted costs and to little time investment.
Crowns on implants offer the most durable fixed prosthetic solution and with the most natural appearance to settle the loss of a tooth. This solution restores the aesthetics and chewing function without affecting the adjacent teeth.
Compared to ceramic systems, the use of composite and PMMA teeth reduces masticatory loads on the implants, the jawbone and ATM without losing aesthetic. Tooth wear suffered by these materials is similar to that experienced by natural teeth, thereby reducing overload on the implants and eliminating recurrent fractures of traditional ceramics crowns.
In case of accidental fracture, trauma, etc., repair of the crowns is easy, fast, inexpensive and reliable. In annual check-ups the prosthesis is removed, cleaned and polished. Implants are checked and cleaned and prosthesis is repositioned. All this in a few hours.